The Stabiliser

The Stabiliser causes the flow of electrons to go from chaotic to coherent. This results in the electrical frequency being more harmonious with the human body, makes the home environment calmer and quieter, and allows electrical equipment to work more efficiently, with no leakages in the domestic electrical circuitry. The Stabiliser makes for a noticeable reduction in your electricity usage.

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Product Description

The Stabiliser is used on domestic circuitry. The Stabiliser opens up, and you lay the electric power cord, which is in constant use in the home. Close and snap the locking hinge to enclose the power cord.

1) no electrical leakage = reduction in electrical usage.

2) super-sensitives feel increased energy in the home, and agitations are reduced.

3) restful sleep, especially if electric cords run across bed-head.

4) reduced eye strain, headaches, fatigue during prolonged computer use.

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