Water Kit

The Water Kit ionises your domestic water supply when you attach the Water Kit to the incoming water pipe. The majority of molecules change from positive to negative ions. This makes the water ‘softer’ and taste sweeter. The chlorine molecules stay as separate molecules so the smell and taste of chlorine is diminished. Also microscopic heavy metals in the water clump together, thus making it easier for the liver to expel them.

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Product Description

The Water Kit is used on the domestic water supply. The Water Kit opens up to enclose your water pipe. Position the Water Kit as close to your water meter as practically possible, with arrow pointing in the direction of the water flow. Snap shut around the water pipe and secure with cable ties supplied.

* If not on town water, position Water Kit on water pipe at point of entry to house. Use discretion.

1) The Water Kit ionises water to give the majority of ions a negative charge.

2) Reduces smell and taste of chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride in water.

3) Water becomes ‘soft’, is more easily absorbed into the body, needs less soap /shampoo, makes showering/bathing more pleasurable and carries more oxygen.

4) Increases solubility in soil.

5) Water tastes sweeter.

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