Tesla Plates

How Tesla Energy Plates Can Help You

These innovative products are designed to allow us access to energy without the harmful interference from radiation. We are exposed to countless amounts of electrical waves and interference throughout the day and even at night. Using a mobile phone or simply living in a home which uses electricity exposes you to this interference. Using a Tesla energy plate can help to increase your energy and counteract the negative effects of electrical interference found in Australia.

So when you use a mobile phone or live in a house which has electricity running through it, or have a transformer or mobile phone tower in close proximity, if you place a Tesla Phone Tag on the phone or a House Plate in the house, you feel increased energy and do not have any adverse effects.

Restore your energy with a Tesla plate

Only when you try these products will you realise how compromised you have been. The manufacturing process of the plate instills vibrations within the plate, which when worn correctly encourages your healing processes. Using a Tesla plate can help to ease the symptoms of negative energy interference such as headaches, insomnia and other aches and pain. Open up your true energy and allow the healing energy plates to protect you from any adverse effects from our environment.

And remember that there is a 90-day trial period on any of these products, so you have nothing to lose by testing them for yourself. We ship across Australia, allowing you to access and experience the healing power of these products anywhere in the country.

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Tesla Plate

Small Oyster Plate


Small Oyster Plate is designed for multi story buildings. Oyster plates consist of twin plates treated at the same time in the Tesla factory and fused together to work in perfect synergy. ...


Farm Plate

SKU : New-344028631

Area covered - 30+ acres. Specifically configured to counteract the effects of geopathic stress and EMF and EMR. Farmers have reported better productivity with less water usage....


14-sided House Plate

SKU : New-344022573

140mm x 1.5mm Area of influence !.5 acres radius. Specifiocally configured to help alleviate effects of geopathic stress. May also energise reflex points and the auric field....


Large Octagonal House Plate (L.O.P.)

SKU : New-350532565

140mm x 1.5mm. Area of influence - over 1 acre. The Proprietary frequency matrix is specifically configured to help alleviate some of the energetic effects caused by geopathic stress. This p...


Car Plate

SKU : New-344016559

90mm x 1.5mm. Eliminates EMF in cars which may be a contributing factor in "road rage". Reduces driver's fatigue. Passengers feel calmer. May reduce fuel consumption by at least 10%....