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Life Begins at 40

April 28, 2017

We have all heard that saying, but for my school friend from Scotland it had an unpleasant twist. My friend’s employees thought it a great idea to emblazon her shop with balloons and a banner across the window ‘ Life Begins at 40! Happy Birthday Boss!’.

My friend was not amused. She likes to keep out of the limelight. It is her business as the town florist to focus on everybody else.

At the end of a testing day a little old lady came into the shop and in a hushed voice said to my friend,” It’s not true, you know, life doesn’t begin at 40. It’s all a downhill slide from here on.” That was the last straw for my friend!
It is quite common for people to start noticing aches, pains, and even alarming signals of health issues after the age of 40. It seems that the body can engender energy until the age of 40. After that it is that downhill slide. But, dear Reader, don’t be disheartened. You can do something about it to stop the inevitable slide.

How can you stop the ageing process?

Over the next few blog posts, I will give you some tips, but to start you on your new journey, I encourage you to try a session in Tesla’s Starhenge. An hour in Tesla’s Starhenge, to co-incide with an hour of meditation will lift your energy levels. A night in Tesla’s Starhenge lifts you to new heights.

Why not try this latest technology to begin getting your body moving in the right direction?

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