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Life Begins at 40 (Part 3)

January 31, 2018


Words have power.


When your doctor says to you when your body is behaving in a particular way “Well, what do you expect at your age?”.


Don’t accept it!


Discuss the issue with him/her, find a solution, but don’t accept negative words.


There are always solutions for the myriad of physical problems we meet. By just accepting them, means we are defeated. Yes, it might mean decisions need to be made, lifestyle changes, but when the right path is taken, what an improvement happens.


Dr Bruce Lipton advised that you do not have to be a victim of your genes. If that means a change of your environment, then, do it.


You can change your environment with the products from The Energy Clinic. You can neutralise harmful EMF.


There are genetic mutations that now can be corrected through medical practitioners who understand the methylation cycle.  


There are developments in technology that may help your condition. Research wisely. For every ailment, there is a ‘gadget’ out there that will ‘cure’ you. Be careful. Think in a detached way, because if you have any medical issue, you may be desperate, and clutch at straws. It is easy to make an unwise decision when unwell.


Please see here for more important information. I hope it is helpful to you, or someone you know.

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