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Life Begins at 40 (continued)

June 8, 2017

Lack of energy results in us making mistakes. Try making an important decision when absolutely exhausted. It is the same when the body goes through the everyday process of duplicating cells. Simply told, when the body is energised the duplication process is correct. However, there seems to be a marker when we turn 40, and things begin to go wrong. Mistakes are made because the body begins to lose energy.

It is imperative, in order to maintain a constant level of good health, to maintain a constant level of youthful energy.

How can we do this? That is where Tesla’s Starhenge comes into play.

May I encourage you to be a regular user, or even better, become a Starhenge Gatekeeper. No better way to stay young!

You might think that last statement is a bit far-fetched. Only you will know. If you intuitively feel drawn to knowing more about Tesla’s Starhenge, contact me either in the comments section of this blog, or at

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