Starhenge #3

August 12, 2016

Let me introduce you to Teslas Starhege #3 that I am privileged to look after. I cannot use the word “own”. No-one could own a Starhhenge. When someone comes into contact with a Starhenge, either by using its powers, or as its Gatekeeper, one very quickly recognises its personality and its intelligence. When Christopher Lewin constructed … Continue reading Starhenge #3

“The Revenge of the Losers.” (Marius Benson)

July 20, 2016

This term was used by the ABC reporter, Marius Benson, to describe the electoral result after the double dissolution election of July the 2nd. Rather a cynical, bitter perspective of the election result, I thought. I have a different view-point. On Election Night, as commentators were declaring that the result was too close to call, … Continue reading “The Revenge of the Losers.” (Marius Benson)

When We Contemplate on the State of the World

June 1, 2016

Do we take ownership of that state of affairs? Do we own the result of our collective consciousness? As I see the piles of bunches of flowers placed reverently at the place of momentous terror in Paris or Martin Place, I see people, no longer able to see the sense of it all, no longer … Continue reading When We Contemplate on the State of the World