About Us

Natural Energy Therapy & Healing Products

We have evolved because in these times almost no-one escapes being touched by the ongoing pressure of chronic illness or the tragedy of terminal disease. The Energy Clinic is the result of a quest to find better health, not only for ourselves personally, but for our families and friends. It has expanded to include anyone who wishes to get better, anyone who wants to maintain health, or anyone who wants to help others by suggesting products that we offer here.
With many years of being concerned about consolidating and maintaining good health, we have been selecting and personally testing products which promote and enhance energy. We are convinced, and there is growing medical evidence for this, that Energy = Health.

About our natural healing products and energy therapy items

The products we offer at the Energy Clinic all have the capacity to enhance energy, and we encourage our customers to try our items according to directions for a period of 90 days. This will give the product the chance to change your metabolism and start to have a positive effect.
The products we offer can assist in the gaining of better health, but it must be remembered that each individual needs to find his/her own pathway to better health. We encourage customers to experience Tesla’s Starhenge natural therapy and the product range, such as Tesla pendants and plates, as these therapies complement each other. We encourage our customers to work with their medical practitioner to discuss and monitor their health.

Find out more about our natural energy therapy items available

We are committed to the highest customer satisfaction, and our range of Tesla natural healing products have a manufacturer’s 90-day full money back guarantee. Send us an enquiry online if you would like additional information about anything we have available – we’re always happy to answer any questions.